GS75 Stealth 8SG - The Golden Edge Ultra-thin 17.3” RTX2080 Gaming Laptop!

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GS75 Stealth

If you eager to have an ultra-slim gaming notebook and think GS65 is really good, you will feel even greater with the latest GS75 Stealth 8SG. At larger 17.3" display with thinnest bezel frame design, it looks even smaller than normal 15.6" notebooks, and right side comes with numeric keys are more convenience for office user or some type of programs.

With the faster 144Hs IPS display, GS75 Stealth presented really good colors on video and gaming, even in the coffee shop with yellow lights reflection, you could see that the display quality is amazing, because GS75 got "True Color" function which make the accurate color with sRGB Mode, that's how MSI make better color presents even with same level display, it's still better than most of other 144Hz display laptops.
GS75 Stealth

Just 18.9mm thin & 2.25kg with powerful performance & cooling

When I got the GS75 Stealth, my first question was how is it possible to have RTX2080 Max-Q with a 18.9mm height of a 17" gaming laptop? In the previous GS65 with GTX 1070 Max-Q, it came with triple fans and 4 heatpipes in a very limited space. It's good but not really enough for RTX 2080/2070 Max-Q.

But MSI is the expert to have powerful gaming laptops with better cooling system compared with same level products. The GS75 Stealth designed with cooling system of "Cooler Boost Trinity+", which came with 3 slim but powerful fans, and 7 heatpipes. It's really amazing that MSI designed such a powerful cooling system under 5mm thin inside this ultra slim gaming notebook. Evan many bigger size and weight notebooks are less than 5 heat pipes for their latest RTX graphics models, and that’s why MSI gaming notebooks got higher performance mostly in any segmentation.

The new Cooler Boost Trinity+ come with amazing 7 heatpipes.
GS75 Stealth

Outstanding of Outlooks and More Features

GS75 Stealth comes with brand new design, the most eye-catching at first glance is the shiny golden hinge, it looks strong and solid. The new hinge design is smoother, just need to use 1 finger could easily open the display, the hinge is really better than previous GS63/73 design.

This GS75 Stealth comes with below Specifications:

  • Intel Core i7 8750H
  • GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q
  • 32GB of dual channel DDR4-2666 main memory
  • 1TB NVMe SSD at RAID0
  • With a 82Whr battery
  • Faster 144Hz display with “True Color” sRGB ready
  • Steelseries Per-Key RGB gaming keyboard with SSE3 software.
  • Hi-Res Audio ready by ESS SABRE HiFi chip with Nahimic 3 sound software.
  • On the ports, 1x Type-C (USB3.1 Gen2 / DP / Thunderbolt™3)
  • 1x Type-C USB3.1 Gen1, 3x Type-A USB3.1 Gen2
  • 1x RJ45, 1x Micro SD, 1x (4K @ 60Hz) HDMI.
  • GbE LAN port is important for a gaming laptop.
  • The dimension is 396 x 259 x 18.9mm, 2.25kg. Around 7~8 hours of battery life.
2257.5g with highest SPEC. GS75 Stealth 8SG model.
GS75 Stealth

18.89mm of the height but still very solid.
GS75 Stealth

The Higher Performance than Expected on 3D MARK

Let's take a look on overall performance to see how good is the GS75 Stealth. The 3D Mark 11 P might be too light to see the difference for higher level GPU performance, but still a basic reference to make comparison with old GPUs. The score P20165 is just over GTX1080 a bit. About 20% higher than GTX1080 Max-Q graphics.
GS75 Stealth

Then we check 3D Mark Fire Strike and Time Spy, that's more heavy loading test at Full HD resolution. The benchmark score is 17064, compared to the previous of GeForce GTX1070 Max-Q was 12500, RTX 2080 Max-Q is 36% faster. Even compared with GTX 1080 Max-Q of 14100, RTX2080 Max-Q still 21% faster.
GS75 Stealth

Check the DirectX12 of Time Spy benchmark, GS75 Stealth with RTX 2080 Max-Q got 7129 score, previous GS65 with GTX1070 Max-Q only got 4540 score, new GS75 is 57% faster on this heavy loading DX12 features test. The GTX 1080 Max-Q got 5500 score, RTX 2080 Max-Q still 29% faster.
GS75 Stealth

More High Scores of Benchmarks and OpenGL Performance

For the heavy loading benchmarks, we must put SUPERPOSITION Benchmark on the DX12 dynamic lighting effects in the top list. The test result with 1080P HIGH preset got really high score at 10463, average around 78fps, the GTX 1070 Max-Q only got 5400 score, RTX 2080 Max-Q is 85% faster on this ultra-quality of DX12 features simulation. That’s fantastic performance enhancement for the latest games with heavy loading on DX12 dynamic lighting features!
GS75 Stealth
GS75 Stealth

Check the CineBench R15 score related to CPU performance, OpenGL is 106.25fps, Multi-CPU Core got 1129cb, Single CPU Core got 172cb, it’s all higher then average with Core i7 8750H platform preset.
GS75 Stealth

The Overall Gaming Experience is Fantastic

Take a look for the online RPG/Action games of the benchmark, check the Final Fantasy 14 StormBlood Benchmarks that gamers are well known, the result is 14731 score with Extremely High comment. Average over 120fps just great to show the advantage of the silky smooth 144Hz display experience.
GS75 Stealth

On the heavy loading game of "Assassins' Creed Origins", set all detail to Ultra High with built-in benchmark test, GS75 Stealth got 8764 score with over 72fps in average. That’s also higher than GTX1080 Max-Q at 58fps and GTX 1070 Max-Q with 52fps.
GS75 Stealth
GS75 Stealth

Let's come to the most important and popular FPS game, Battlefield 5, the 1st game that support Real-Time Ray Tracing, the in game frame rate is around 60~85fps with ultra-setting, at this theme is 74fps, this already enabled the DX12 and Ray Tracing features in the game. That's really smooth and powerful for this latest game title on the GS75 Stealth with RTX 2080 Max-Q graphics. See the lights reflection on the gun and river, that's really close to realistic photo image.
GS75 Stealth

The temperature on the top is around 43~45°C when Dragon Center set at AUTO fan mode, but if you enable the "Cooler Boost" mode to have highest fan speed around 5600~6000rpm, the temperature could be dropped around 41.4°C after 30 minutes in the game. Ambient temperature still kept at regular 25°C. I checked that A brand of GX531 with over 54°C on the keyboard side, and that’s why they designed their keyboard at the lower side, because top side was overheat to put your hands on.

GS75 Stealth got only 41.4°C on keyboard side after play Battlefield 5 for 30min with "Cooler Boost" on.
GS75 Stealth

The GX531 test from media review got very highe temperature on the GTX1070 Max-Q model.
GS75 Stealth

Since GS75 comes with 2x NVMe SSDs with RAID0 mode, it’s should have extreme speed on the storage, both read and write speed over 3200~3400MB/s, even 4K access also very fast over 1200~1400MB/s, that's really the highest speed of the PCI-E Gen3x4 bandwidth. And still got 1 M.2 SATA port to install up to 1TB capacity SATA SSD.
GS75 Stealth

Verdict: Enjoy Amazing Size, Design, Features and Performance in a Row

Slimmer but powerful GS75 to play smoother games on 17.3" 144Hz display just like a piece of cake, play any games smoother from 70~144fps easily, use Per-Key RGB keyboard with fancy lights, experience more detail sound from Dynaudio Speakers with over 91dBA high quality passive speakers. Watch video in the coffee shop with good headset is worth of it because GS75 comes with Hi-Res Audio at 24bit/192kHz for hours with longer battery life. Everything you eager to have with a best gaming notebook, you could find all advantage on the GS75 Stealth 8SG model!
GS75 Stealth

The overall performance on RTX 2080 Max-Q is around 20%~30% faster than GTX 1080 Max-Q, will even higher in some heavy loading games, so it's just a beginning to have GS75 Stealth 8SG RTX 2080 Max-Q laptop, you use it longer, you enjoy the value and advantage more! I will give it 9.5/10 Score!

Use GS75 Stealth to watch video or work with coffee and a piece of cake is relaxing.
GS75 Stealth
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